Since I'm too embarrassed to share this with anyone I know personally, I figured telling it to a whole Internet full of strangers would be a really good idea.

I moved a couple of days ago, to a house where I can start taking the train to work instead of driving. It takes less time than the car, even though technically it's further away than my old apartment, and I get to read, or sleep. It's been great.

Today though, I guess there were two trains leaving at 4:05, and my eye didn't track across the board correctly, so I read the wrong track number, and got on the wrong train. No big deal though, right? Just get off at the first stop, switch to the opposite side of the platform, and catch the next train back.

That works fine, unless you decide to take advantage of the benefits of commuting by train, and fall asleep about 3 minutes after sitting down. And wake up an hour later in a town you've never heard of, 50 miles from where you live.

I did manage to catch the next train heading back to my original destination, by sprinting like hell, since the next rain wouldn't be coming for another hour and a half. Now I'm journeying back to my original stop, to hopefully get the right train, and arrive home almost 4 hours after I left work.

So fellow groupthinkers, make me feel better and share with me your tales of total idiocy.