Last year I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. I've had every test known to mankind, they know something is wrong, but don't know what.

Sometimes I wake up and it's hard to walk. Often all my muscles (not joints) ache, like they do when you have the flu. No, it's not lyme. No, it's not lupus. No, they don't think it's fibromyalgia.

Whatever it is, it is hurting me bad right now. I just forced myself to walk 3 1/2 blocks and it took 20 minutes and I was almost crying by the time I got home and had to climb one (one!) flight of stairs. And now I have to go and deal with four hours of student meetings.

The worst thing about all this is that because it's not something specific like diabetes or cancer or a giant gaping wound, my family cannot comprehend this at all. I mean, they are generally thoughtless and without any kind of empathy and compassion, so I don't expect much. But I am heading home next week and I'm dreading it.

I often can't run around. I can't do things late at night. I don't drink. They get very frustrated with me when I can't do these things. For example, my mother suggested I help her pack and move her office. Sure, I can do that for about an hour, and I probably will be in enormous pain the next day.

Anyway, I'm just miserable at the moment. The doctor prescribed Plaquenil, 200 mg. Anyone take that? Thoughts?