Backstory: Once upon a time, there was a conflict somewhere in the world. I was summoned by my employer to the conflict zone on my birthday. Whatever. I said I would go. Two days later I found myself grumpy at LAX waiting for my flight to board when I was captivated by this mug.

I don't know what I liked so much about it. The darker pixels are actually silver, I liked that it was (kinda) hard to tell it was from Starbucks and I LOVED the colour of the lid. It's also a ceramic double-walled tumbler, so you don't need a sleeve and there is something lovely about drinking coffee from a ceramic cup that makes it taste better than plastic/paper cups.

The country I was going to does not have Starbucks, and I thought "self, pick up some VIA packets and this mug and bring it with you to [country name redacted]. You will start each day of difficult work happily caffeinated with the coffee you have been drinking every day in the US."

So the mug accompanied me to work every day in [country name redacted] and I felt a little gleeful every time I drank from it. It was quite effective at helping me establish a routine during a stressful and chaotic time. After I returned to the US, the baristas at Starbucks began to recognize me - because I had this mug. They would ask where it was when I came in and didn't have it. I continued to use the tumbler, until I hit it against the sink during a routine cleaning a few months later which resulted in a massive crack on the outside. Disappointed by my clumsiness and my irrational attachment to this tumbler, I raced to ebay to see if I could buy another one (as it was a seasonal tumbler and I was out of season). Found one for twice as much as I paid for originally and thought, "what the heck!" and bought it, replaced the cracked one and carried on my merry way with my awesome mug 2.0.

Fast forward to today, where again, in a futile cleaning effort, I dropped the tumbler on the floor and SMASHY SMASHED it all over the ladies' room at work. Fuck it you guys, I'm not buying another one AGAIN but I am now a little saddened that I will no longer have this coffee tumbler to get my morning coffee. I almost feel like it became part of my identity. I understand that it's only a mug (and I already replaced the one that I may have had a genuine sentimental attachment to), but I am still pouting that I destroyed one of my favourite things.


So I ask you GT, in honour of my memories of this sweet-ass mug: what random thing have you been attached to for reasons you cannot really explain?