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My Jaw Is Still On The Floor


My cousin called. My late grandmother’s late sister’s son.

Anyways he was talking to my mother. He voted for the Dotard.

My mother said she could not believe the anarchy Trump has brought.

He said that he blames immigrants for that then and then Jesus Christ I am shocked what he said next. He said he hated people in stores talking Spanish to clerks and the clerks speaking Spanish in return.


Has he EVER spoken to his mother? If he had he would have known her parents, his grandparents mainly spoke Canadian French along with literally thousands ofothers who crossed the border circa 1900 to find jobs and opportunities to raise a family.

He would have known that when his mother grew up Canadian French was spoken at home. He would have known his mother and my late grandmother went to a Catholic school where the nuns essentially knew Canadian French thus classes were mainly in French. Plus the topping of this is the national anthem Oh Canada.

You know he knows this. When my mother wasa child she and her mother were often at his house and my late grandmother’s favorite topic was about growing up. His mother also enjoyed this topic.

Descendents of French Canadians always annoy me. They always,always fail to realize what their grandparents and greatgrandparents went through has far more in common with immigrants crossing the Southern border then not.

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