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My Jerk-face brother did something nice!

Guise, normally my brother is... diffucult. He's obnoxious, opinionated, way more right-wing than me, he makes weird noises all the time, and he needs babying even though he's older than me. He made my adolescence hell. I love him dearly, but he's kind of inconsiderate...
But he did something considerate for me!
He knew I was down lately and feeling so far away from my family so he bought me something from Modcloth! It's a really cute mint-green infinity scarf with black cats on it. I love it! His wife probably picked it out, but it was addressed to his nickname for me, so I know the execution was all him.

Here is a grainy picture of me wearing it, after I finished happy-crying.


I'm so flabbergasted you guys. this is so unlike him, but it made my week!
Now I need to think of something to send him back. Something probably from thinkgeek.com.

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