So as I'm sure most of you know, I've been trying to quit my job at Subway. I obviously would need another job first, but I'm having no such luck. Well this morning I found out that other store managers and the gm want the manager (who started just a few weeks ago) to fire the old crew (me and two other people since we have one new guy) and train an all new crew because we're doing a bad job or some shit. I'm fucking livid. I'm busting my ass and it pisses me off. My one coworker has definitely been slacking lately and the other one is working about the same as she was, but she never really does cleaning projects without being asked. The manager said he's not gonna fire that since he likes us and thinks we're doing a good job and it's his fault since he should have had an employee meeting when he started so that everyone would be on the same page, which I agree with a little since night shift basically never sees him sinc ewe only have one person working all the time except between 11-2. I am freaking out and I am so fucking pissed. I do so much for that store and I fucking kept closing there at night after I was fucking held up. I could have (and should have) quit right fucking there and they thought I was going to. I can't even vent with my old manager, who I used to really like, without her going behind my back and gossiping about me to other managers. I had to tell him today when he told me she was talking shit behind my back that she's been doing the same to him. I've never been fired. I can't afford to be fired. I'm putting myself through school and I'm struggling as it is. I owe my boyfriend a lot of money because he pays my rent and orders me food until my financial aid comes in for the next semester and even then I'm usually struggling. I'm going in to Chik-Fil-A and the campus dining office to fill out applications tomorrow (Chik-Fil-A said they're definitely hiring experienced fast food workers so I'll take what I can get) and I'm speaking with a hiring manager at McDonald's on Tuesday since I have 3 years McDonald's experience. I'm freaking out though. I really, really need a job and I'm having such a hard time getting one and I'm freaking out.