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Welcome To The Bitchery
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My kid is a smartie

My eldest got his SOL scores back today. For those of you not in my state, SOL does not stand for what you think it does, it stands for Standards Of Learning, but I'm pretty sure a bunch of politicians had a really hearty snigger when they decided to use that acronym. The term "SOLs" is used to refer to both the list of goals for each subject for each school year and the massive standardized tests the kids have to take at several key points in their school careers. If they don't pass, they don't get to go on. This year is the first time we've had to deal with taking the tests, and it's really nerve-wracking for everyone involved because the teachers make a huge deal about how important these tests are, because their careers/paychecks are determined by how well their students do as is the amount of money the school gets from the state next year. The amount of idiocy in this system is the subject of a very long rant that I won't be getting into now. Because MY kid not only passed all his tests, he passed them all with the "advanced" score and got a perfect score on his science test. Yeah. My baby is a genius. He gets it from his mommy.


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