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"My Kids Are Not The Center Of My World"

I'm not sure how I feel about this.

*Disclaimer* - I do not have children. So I cannot comment on this "as a parent" as I am not a parent.

I kind of want to like it, but something isn't sitting well with me. I can get behind the idea of hating on helicopter parenting and wanting your kids to be self-sufficient, but then she writes things like this -

Many years ago, there was a time where young boys could run around with their toy guns, killing the bad guys. You could take the toy guns away from the little boys, and they’d find something else around them – a stick, their fingers, etc – and pretend it was a gun. Today, those little boys – if caught doing that – are labeled as threats, and immediate action is taken to remove that threat from the group.

There was a time – not too long ago – when bullying was defined as slamming someone up against a locker and stealing their lunch money. There was a time when kids got called names and got picked on, and they brushed it off and worked through it (ask me how I know this). Now, if Sally calls Susie a bitch (please excuse my language if that offends you), Susie’s whole world crumbles around her, she contemplates suicide, and this society encourages her to feel like her world truly has ended, and she should feel entitled to a world-wide pity party. And Sally – phew! She should be jailed! She should be thrown in juvenile detention for acting like – gasp – a teenage girl acts.


And, well, that's not very nice.

I don't know, GT. What do you all think?

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