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Welcome To The Bitchery

My kitty is sick- UPDATE from the Vet

So my fluff ball stopped eating on Friday, I was able to get him in at the Vet this morning. She just called to say she thinks he has intestinal blockage- they are doing an ultrasound on him at 3:00. If the ultrasound shows blockage, depending on where it is, he may have to have surgery tonight. This is my sweet cat who loves to cuddle. He has had to spend the day at the scary office, where he doesn't have his bed or toys or anyone he knows. We are hoping that the blockage is in a place/small enough that they can over-hydrate him and he pass it without surgery.

Now I'm all stressed out and stuck at work.

UPDATE: There is blockage, they are going to give him an IV drip and hope he passes it tonight. If he does not they will do surgery tomorrow (which costs $600!! eek!). They are keeping him overnight to monitor him.


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