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My Labor Day Weekend

So, as no one probably remembers from my dress post, I was in Paris for a friend's wedding last week, and the wedding was this weekend. Thank you to everyone who posted suggestions re: the bra. I ended up just going with a strapless bra (and went braless for a while because the backpack holding the bra went to the venue ahead of me), as the halter bra idea was great, but I couldn't get it to stay under the strap and was stressing about it showing up in pictures.

So this was a pretty low-key affair...in the French manner they got married at the town hall, and then had a reception southeast of Paris. No rehearsal dinner, no walking down an aisle to awkward music. However, we were all decked out in full 50s regalia...hair, makeup, everything. And there was like 6 hours between the wedding at the party. So I took of my dress to go take a nap in between, but then had to put it on again to go meet everyone to take a taxi from Paris to the venue. Let's just say the looks on the Metro were...plentiful. Open-mouthed gawking. So I get to my friend's apartment, where the taxis are supposed to meet, and...everyone is gone. I was 3 minutes late showing up because I juuuust missed both trains. So now I have to figure out how to get to the venue. Huddling by her apartment door, I manage to access the WiFi, and get info on which RER to take, and which stop to use. So I get on the commuter train dressed like a rockabilly chick:


and immediately a group of teenagers starts laughing at me. Which, whatever. They continued to make fun of me for about 20 minutes, but...teenagers. Plus I'm awesome. Anyway, Google told me the wrong stop, I took two wrong trains, and it took me 2 hours to get there, though not-so-great neighborhoods. The bride was near tears when I arrived, and apparently there had just been a bunch of confusion about who was in what cab, etc. Whatever, just give me some champagne and we're cool. But the reception was lovely and I had a Shanghai themed room at the venue with a red chandelier, and a wonderful time was had by all. We drank the place out of gin.

I flew home to Chicago yesterday through Dublin, got my requisite Guinness and took a photo, and then, for perhaps the first time in my life, got a working video screen on a transatlantic flight. Even though there were two fussy babies near me, I was so happy about unloading the last of my Euros on airline wine while watching Iron Man 3, Epic and several TV episodes including the Arrested Development where GOB buries himself alive at his father's "funeral" that it didn't even matter. Plus my seatmate was a nice old guy who didn't hit on me. It was maybe my best flight ever.

I was so happy to be there for my friend, but super bummed that I missed the opening weekend of college football, so now I'm foaming at the mouth for it to be Saturday so I can watch some games. Also eat football season food.

Anyhow, I missed you guys! When I'm caught up on work, I look forward to commenting on week-old posts as I scroll through the backlog. :)

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