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My lack of flexibility is of biblical proportions


I'm currently getting really into working out. Started seriously working out about 5 months ago and have been enjoying it more and more as I get more and more in shape and feel better and better. But my lack of flexibility is actually starting to hinder my progress learning many movements. The thing is though, flexibility training is something I am doing, taking seriously, and hardly any improvement has been made since I started.


I'm incredibly not flexible. Always have been. I ALWAYS get "you're not that tight", or "no way you're that tight", or "you surely can't be that tight" and I'm like "fuck yeah I'm that tight." I can't bring my heels to my butt, period. I can only barely touch my toes (with a curved back) and it hurts like a motherfucker. This isn't "some discomfort"; this is "I can hardly breathe" levels of discomfort. Lets not even start talking about anything more complicated than touching your damn toes. I don't even go to the point of pain in practice because I can't hold it, but I don't feel any stretch if I don't. There's very little gray area. It's like things just stop, or my bones literally start hitting other bones or something.

It's just so annoying sitting there watching all the little 5"5' women tucking things all sorts of crazy places and then getting constantly bombarded with this disbelief. I don't know if I they don't see me grimacing or what.

To whovere of you is responsible for this: I hate you ::shakes a vengeful fist::

/rant. I just want to be able to have full range of motion, is that so much to ask?


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