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My Last HIMYM Post (I swear... for today, anyway)

Under all the shitty plotting and long-conning (credit to Alan Sepinwall for his apt description) and heart-breaking and audience-jerking-arounding I have finally reached the fifth and final stage of Disappointing Series Finale Grief*: The Silver Lining.

Because I gotta find something good about what went down last night.

For other shows, this stage might be satisfied with a shrug and a "at least it answered some of my nagging questions" or "at least they didn't kill of so-and-so" or "it could've been worse, it could've been as bad as Lost".


For HIMYM, that silver lining is Cristin Milioti. Finally! The Mother! And we liked her! She was charming and funny and strong and reasonable and mature and goddamn could she make us tear up with her rendition of La Vie En Rose. I hope we see more of her. Do you hear me, Hollywood, I said I hope we see more of her!

*The first four stages of the DSFG Model are:

Confusion: Wait... what did I just see?

Outrage: I can't fucking believe they did that!

Anonymous online venting: See: this post.

Digital content destruction: deleting your season pass or removing it from your Netflix queue b/c you are never ever investing another minute in that stupid show, ever again!

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