Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I’m a little sad to be leaving with so much still unseen—the Highline walk, MoMA, more of the Met, the Guggenheim, more galleries in Bushwick, Hamilton—I am looking forward to being back in the wide open spaces of Alberta with a dog to keep me warm at night.

Some highlights for me were getting my tattoo at East River Tattoo (I love it! And it was something the artist had never done before, so that was exciting!), seeing the Book of Mormon (though it was little awkard laughing along with my mom at dances of simulated sex), eating delicious empanadas, and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Today I got soaked down to my underwear on the Bushwick Graffiti tour, but it was pretty cool. The art was amazing. Tonight I’m going to kick back and eat some pizza and watch some horror movies and think some more about whether I could live here for a year or two or if I’d miss my dog and the big sky too much (not to mention if I could afford it).


Thanks New York City, for being so friendly and welcoming! (Friendlier than Toronto, at any rate.)

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