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My Late Grandmother Loooved David Cassidy And Would Be Saddened By This

Growing up in the 70s my mother always watched the syndicated version of the Partridge Family even when they ran again in syndication in the 90s. She absolutely loved David Cassidy. Why? Still do not know. My mother loved Shirley Jones who was in numerious musicals. Shirley Jones was David Cassidy’s stepmom. My understanding he was far closer to her then to either his biological mother or his dad.

David Cassidy just announced he was leaving showbiz and suffering from dementia. His father was bipolar and an alcoholic. David is also an alcoholic. I am not sure if there is a link between alcohol and dementia later on. I also wonder if the chances increase for dementia if a parent has a mental illness like being bipolar.

Jack Cassidy was a semifamous actor in the 50s through 70s.


His most famous song I Think I Love You was played on the Partridge Family. Also his half brother is Shaun Cassidy.

The Partridge Family was a groovy show and I believe one of the first shows about a single mother raising children.

Anyone have fond memories of this show and David Cassidy?

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