She would have loved it and complained. Feud is a series coming to FX about the feud between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford played by Susan Sarandon (Davis) amd Jessica Lange (Crawford). My late grandmother simply loved both and always watched Baby Jane whenever it was on. It was her Star Wars. She despised Mommy Dearest she went with her sister and was outraged by it.

I think she liked Davis more.

I remember as a kid watching a Davis movie with my late grandmother on tv. It was about Queen Elizabeth I Davis played.the queen. Watching the trailer I cringe watching it, the hug just looks so awkard.

Davis was nominated for All About Eve my mother and grandmother loved it. I do not think I saw it. Any good? Did Queen Elizabeth I really lack eyebrows?


Crawford was excellent in Mildred Pierce. Watch it if you can. The trailer.