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My Leg: a story

It hurts to put my computer on my lap so this might not be much of an update but I'm on the mend. The pain isn't as bad but sometimes it spikes or when it's almost time for a new pill it starts to hurt. It's worst when I get up but once I move around a bit the blood flow recalibrates. I'm worried about blood clots so I try to get up as much as possible. My mom left Thursday morning when I was in a lot of pain so it was hard for us to say goodbye. I really just needed her support and hugs. I'm trying to do as much as possible on my own, the only truly difficult thing is getting down the stairs which I'll have to do if I want to go back to work. And I really want to go back to work. If I'm going to sit around all day I might as well do it at work.


Painkillers fucking suck. I have no appetite and I couldn't poop for days. I finally did yesterday and it was endless. I'll spare you the details by it was life changing. I can't really focus on anything like reading is hard to do or like taxes or things like that so I feel very unproductive. I finally got some sleep yesterday, I couldn't sleep for more than a few minutes at a time for most of the week and it didn't feel rested but yesterday I think the pain was a lot less so I was able to fall asleep. But I'm so done with all of this. I'm bored bored bored. But I can't focus.

So that's what's going on. How is my leg? It's shitty. It's healing. And I hate it. I'm bored but my brain done don't work good.

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