On the advice of several commenters, I've decided to try some smaller pieces before tackling my cross stitch interpretation of Egon Schiele's Woman Undressing.

I bought this Cthulhu pattern here on Etsy:

And then I bought another one of this blood spattered variation of the "Keep Calm" motif.

...but it wasn't very good, so I made my own pattern (ignore the extra whitespace, and I'm adjusting the colours after seeing the thread in person). If anyone wants it, I can email a pdf once I've finished the final colour adjustments.


And I'm also working on this cute blackwork project (source) in preparation for designing a blackwork sampler based on the slideshow from the Buffy episode Hush.


This embroidered cushion is part of my inspiration (source).

But I want to position the little sketches within a sampler in this style (source):


Which is also a years-long project, most likely. It's going to be a lot of fun to design, too!

I'd love to hear/see my fellow embroiderers' projects! Please share!

ETA: ah, kinja, thanks for the messed up formatting. I've edited to make it easier to tell which comments match which picture.