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my life in updates & thank u gt

happy Monday GT! the office is totally empty today and I’m pumped about upcoming 4th of July weekend.. and my life is still sort of in disarray. DISARRAY! Well perhaps medium disarray as compared to last week.

1. I received an email from an organization I had a 4th round interview with last week (not The Job That I Want A Lot but a job that I would absolutely take and be happy with) that said, hi just wanted to let you know the team enjoyed speaking with and we want to move quickly but everyone is out this week so we’ll be in touch next- let us know if you have questions and “if there’s anything on your timeline that we should account for, let me know as well. “

wut? wut does it mean. i’m looking at life through piss-colored glasses right now. should i ask them if there’s another round? what are they trying to tell me?


2. I still have this weird pimple/rash thing going on. It is waxing and waning, spreading to new places and clearing up in its original places. Seems like it could potentially be a heat rash, although I have not really been outside, but I have a feeling something about moving and sweat/rain/weather changes in this city. should i be concerned/see a doctor?

2a I have 2nd interview iwth The Job That I Want A Lot tomorrow and although the rash is not visible really to people who are not inspecting my skin, my self esteem is way down and I feel super ugly and gross. :(

3. my apartment is basically all set up! I got a credit from the store i bought my couch from because the couch delivery was mishandled, and bought everything else I need so by Thursday it will be perfect! yay apartment! can’t believe

4. i totally missed pride this weekend due to putting together furniture, moving things, and being exhausted. i am sad about it and now want to be drunk. can i be drunk? its monday morning at 11:00 am. i can be drunk, right?


5. I gave my expensive as fuck bridesmaid dress to the tailor more than 3 weeks ago to get it hemmed. they haven’t reached out to say it is ready. should i be concerned? I’m concerned.

6. Thank you, GT, for being a great place for me to air my grievances. I have a problem with sharing my issues with my irl friends because I am a control freak trust no one have issues appearing vulnerable even with my best friends, so thank you for being here and being non judgmental and listening <3

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