Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So thanks to some STUPID logic within our 3rd-party email system, I have 600,000 proof mailings coming to me instead of ONE. Or at least, as many of those as got through before I hit the kill switch, which happened about 15 minutes after proof launch. It's several thousand, so far, and more every minute. This means not only that I get to spend my day doing nothing but clean out my inbox, but I get to tell my grandboss about this fuckup when he's back at work tomorrow (and I will defend myself, because this is a logic error in the mailing program). Awesome.

So this costs my company actual money AND is embarrassing for me, as I entered the 600K "cap" number — but never in a bazillion years thought that the program would say "send to the one address 600K times" rather than "send to the mailing list, with a max of 600K sends, because that's what a 'cap' means." Having any campaign mail to the same address more than once per launch is quite frankly an ERROR on their part. So stupid, I am really pissed! /venting, need cute gifs


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