This is relevant, believe me.

(For anyone who doesn't know, I have 4 boys, ages 15, 13, 11, and 9.)


We got a 14 day eviction notice today. Yes, you read that right. Apparently, our neighbours have been "complaining for months" about "the noise" from our apartment. The official notice specifies "running up and down stairs, slamming doors, and banging on walls at 2 or 3am." Also, they're complaining about "underage smokers and smoking litter by the door."

This is a large, steaming, pile of bullshit.

A) Everyone but me is asleep at 2 or 3am, except Husband who sometimes comes in around then, either from work or being out with friends. Yes, the stairs are creaky as hell, it's an old building. Not much I can do about that.


B) The only shared wall with the people who are complaining has nothing but the stairs and the upstairs bathroom against it. So... banging on the wall? Um, no. Again, I'm usually the only one up late. And, sorry, I'm going to walk up and down my staircase and use the bathroom when I need to.

C) Slamming doors. Ok, once in awhile, we forget to close the doors quietly, but it's hardly an every day occurrence. Also, you can't close one of the outside doors quietly, because it's not hung properly and sticks like a mofo.


The underage smokers thing... yes, my 15 old smokes. I'm not happy about it, but I can't really stop him from doing it, either. He does NOT smoke by the door(s), he walks off the property to the back of the parking lot. Somehow, I doubt he brings back the butt to toss in her garden. Husband and Other-Husband also smoke, but there is an ashtray on the porch, and if the neighbour's door is open, they move away from the building, unless it's pouring rain.

Let me point out that I never complained when HER underage kid was standing on the shared porch, smoking and giggling with 5 of her friends at 2 in the morning. Also, my kid is hardly the only underage smoker around here. There's a whole gaggle of kids that stand near the doors and smoke, none of which are mine.


I tried to talk to the manager, but she isn't interested in our side of things. I asked her how we can stop doing things that we aren't doing in the first place, and she just shrugged. I asked why she never said anything previous to this, she said that she was telling us now. I have a feeling that we're going to get booted out, no matter what.

Supposedly, we have 14 days in which to redeem ourselves by not having any complaints against us in that time. If there is any complaint, about ANYTHING, we get a 30 day notice and a court date. So, basically, it looks like we're going to get kicked out as of December 1st, because, as I said, how can we stop doing what we aren't doing in the first place?


We have nowhere to go. If you get evicted from government housing, you are banned for life from receiving housing again. We have 6 people and 2 cats, which I am NOT giving up. Average rent for a 3 bedroom place here is, minimum, $900/month. That's almost as much as Husband makes in a month. Add in electric, water, heat, parking... we're screwed.

If it comes down to it, the older 2 kids will go stay with my dad and stepmom, the 2 younger ones and I will go stay with my bestie, and Husband will stay with a friend in town, to keep his job and try to save some money. We can't stay with O-H, because if we're evicted, we can't be on the property.


I hate everything right now. F.M.L.