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My life is different than yours, ask me how.

So tonight I made, then quickly deleted, a comment about having had experience with both speculum and prostate exams. Sometimes, my experiences in life are very different from other people's.

I've been transitioned for almost 1/3 of my life, so I have a lot of social experience as an sort of average looking white girl. I'm used to being perceived this way and that's how I live day to day. But, I also have 22 years or so of experience living as an sort of average white dude. Honestly, I often kind of forget, but every once in a while (like when I wrote the above comment) how different some of my experiences in life have been, kind of smacks me in the face.

For the next hour or two (maybe more) I will answer any question you might have about the trans experience. Personally, I think it's natural that people are curious about things they have no experience with, so I won't be offended by your questions. If it's too far or too weird, I just won't answer. I won't rip into you for being curious.


All questions are fair game, social stuff, hormone stuff, surgery stuff, whatever. The only caveat is that I can only answer for my own experience.

ETA: I'm sorry if some of my replies are a little disjointed. I'm writing quickly feel free to follow up if I say something that isn't clear.

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