But not in a funny way.

I'm subbing for someone who's a bit...stringent. The kids accidentally popped her stability ball (why she left it, I don't know). So now I'm scurrying last minute trying to find the same ball.

Of course, she's GOOPy so it's this random ball made in Germany that I need to have ultra fedexed at a cost that's 4x the actual item. I was like "What, I have Amazon. I can cheaply overnight it."


But of course, watch there be some tell tale sign that it was burst and I'm screwed again. Or, better yet, the kids will be like HEY REMEMBER WHEN WE BROKE THAT!!??!


Now, off to do the least sitcommy thing ever—grade 100 essays, 70 quizzes, and 20 sci-fi assignments.


Such a crappy weekend.