And how it happened sounds like something right out of a straight to TV RomCom!

I don't mean that as a bad thing. I just can't believe people still do stuff like this in real life. Of course, my sister is THE hopeless romantic and she LOVED it.

So her fiance took her to dinner at a super fancy expensive restaurant up in Denver, then they went on a walk and, guess what, HE RENTED OUT A CLOCK TOWER AND THE TOP THREE FLOORS OF A BUILDING so he could propose to her in front of the Denver skyline! They even had it decorated and people playing instruments when they arrived.

My parents knew all this, because the fiance went over to their house for dinner one night while my sis was at work so he could "do it properly" and ask my dad's permission. My family (me excluded) is pretty old-fashioned, so my parents were delighted. The ring is beautiful. He bought the stone separately and had a custom arrangement done in rose gold (my sister's favorite). Apparently the whole thing cost around $16,000. No, that's not a typo. It's a certified "conflict free" diamond, and it's rated as flawless and colorless.

I am so so happy for her. While I personally am not into grand gestures and expensive jewelry, I know my sister wanted to get engaged and married in a more traditional manner (her ex husband didn't propose so much as tell her she had to get to the courthouse and marry him before he left for Iraq...that didn't turn out so well, obvs). She's been with this guy for over 3 years now, and he treats her so very well. I've had some reservations because he seemed a little controlling at first, but he and my sister have a good relationship, and she really is happy.


I cried when I got the text message, and I'm waiting for her to call me after they get done at the tower and are headed home. My little baby sister is all grown up. :'(

Aaaaand, bonus. Now maybe my mom will start bothering her about "grandbabies" instead of me. :D