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My lizard brain knew, and I didn't listen.Now with second update!

You know how sometimes you just get a feeling that something is going to happen? That even though you think you have everything squared away, there is a tiny nagging sensation at the back of your brain - your spider-sense, as it were - like an alarm bell ringing in a hallway very far away, and you're not sure whether the alarm is intended for you or someone else? I've had that feeling for a couple of days now, but there was enough going on that I was too distracted to give it my full attention.

I called my mother tonight, intending to ask her to pick up the Fusspot tomorrow instead of Tuesday. Only she was in the middle of an agonizing pain attack, possibly due to an intestinal obstruction - she has many surgical adhesions that have caused this in the past. Or it could be something worse. I spent the entire conversation alternately begging her to call a cab or an ambulance and threatening to come up there and do it myself, which would involve calling 911 within her earshot and informing them that they should arrive with sirens blaring (which is what she wants to avoid at all costs, because she has an irrational fear that the neighbours will talk).

So my mother/dogsitter has just been admitted to hospital, my brother is 45 minutes away (at least) in another city and I am scheduled to leave for NYC on Tuesday morning. I don't even need to look up the website of the airline or the hotel to know that if I have to cancel I will have missed the window of opportunity to do it without penalty (I just hope I got the right kind of insurance). When shit happens, and it happens to me, it tends to go full-bore.


I swear some part of me knew this was going to happen. And I didn't listen.

ETA #1: She is out of hospital and home. The obstruction, as it does about 95% of the time, unstuck itself ... the problem and the anxiety associated with it stems from the fact that one of these days it will NOT undo itself and the mater will have to go through some significant surgery (made worse by the fact that she is pretty much held together with surgical mesh, so they will have to take a pair of tin-snips to her just to get at the problem area). So it looks like I did the right thing by not getting up in the middle of the night and cancelling all my travel plans, as I had considered doing, but MY NERVES ARE SHOT TO HELL. And the dog got me up super early this morning because he had the runs.

I'm still in my bathrobe, drinking coffee out of my NOW PANIC AND FREAK OUT coffee mug. I am going to have to call the office and use up some of my emergency leave to try and pull myself together here. I'd take the whole day but I don't have a printer at home and I need to print certain things out, also I need to bring a package of Museum of Amazing Stuff swag to the conference and it's in my locker at work.


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