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My love life is disintegrating; or, canceling airline reservations

Hello Groupthinkers!

Since you're a clever, well-traveled bunch, I figured you might be able to help me figure out how to cancel some flight reservations that I made.

Basically, I made them for my boyfriend's Christmas/birthday present (to Naples!) And I got them for relatively cheap (a little under $1500/passenger roundtrip). Unfortunately, things are going south in the relationship, and there's a pretty good chance we won't make it to his birthday. And also, I am poor, and can't really afford the high credit card balance (especially if my rent is going to be doubling in the near future).


I did it through one of those discount booking sites, and their website cautions that getting the reservations canceled is unlikely. I think this is probably bogus because they don't want to lose the sale. So tell me: is there any chance of a workaround? I thought about contact the airlines themselves, or even going through my credit card company, if this discount site doesn't work with me.

Any help or insight would be awesome.

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