It's really, really, really bad. I can walk just fine without any pain, but bending over is agony.

The pain is localized on the left side, at the top of my butt. It's generally manageable, until I move in a way that exacerbates it and then it's "OH HOLY MOTHER OF GOD" status (like everything is tightening).

I've never really felt pain like this before, and certainly not there. Sure, my lower back sometimes hurts in a vague annoying way if I've been sitting poorly, but this is completely different. It's lower on my body and much sharper.

I don't know what I did, except that it started hurting after I went to NYC for a week - during which I spent most of my days standing in museums or traipsing around Manhattan. I didn't do any heavy lifting. I slept in a bed.

Do I just take aspirin and wait it out? Or should I see a doctor? I tried stretching, but it hurt too much. Argh, what the hell, body?! I have too much to do!