In lieu of Congress' new failure regarding student loans, I'm fucking pissed.

Why, you might ask.

WELL. Let me tell you. I'm in college as most of you know. It will have taken me 5 years to finish due to my not only apparent incompetence, but also because I'm a double major. When I started college, my lovely mother was married to a piece of shit human being who made 6 digits a year (who also repeatedly kicked me out of the house which consequently led to me living on friends' couches for 3 months. In the winter. When I was 18.) so I couldn't receive any financial aid. It was assumed he was paying for my tuition, which he clearly wasn't. I had no income. My mom makes/made about $25k a year after taxes. No one was helping me. So, I had to take out loans.

What makes it EVEN BETTER is that because "our" income was hella high, I could only take out unsubsidized loans. So on top of the $23k I owe, I have $3k sitting there in interest rates that needs to be paid. Now, my mom left this delightful man last year, so last year I got some financial aid.

But oh no, not enough aid. I still needed loans to cover my books and transportation! At least I was able to take out a subsidized loan this time! THANKS CONGRESS.

So I sit here and look at my life and look at the lives of those around me. I look at my college friends who graduated who can't find jobs and live at home, who interned for 4+ years without a single paycheck, who can't even get a foot in the door for their careers. And then I look at my other friends and Prince Fluffybutt, who either didn't go to college or didn't finish it (some who didn't even finish high school), who are making $20+ an hour, have their own apartments, and have zero debt to pay back to the government.


I'm SO glad I did everything "right" in life so I can graduate a year late already in debt with a job not in my field and the inability to even obtain my own place.

I know I sound bitter (I am bitter) and kind of dickish right now. I don't feel "entitled" to a career or comfortable living. I don't think I deserve it any more than my friends do. My friends work hard for what they have. I just wish people didn't make college out to be the solution this whole time. But then I do get a bit agitated when my friends say to me:

"Well that's why I never went to college."

So build me a fucking time machine, motherfucker, so I can go back to high school and refuse college and start working. At 18 I wasn't worried about this shit. Know what I was worried about? Where I was going to sleep that night. If my stepfather was going to murder me. How I was going to afford to eat that day. Know what the supposed solution was that I kept hearing? "Just stay in school. Everything will work out once you have your diploma."


Yeah? YEAH? It's working out fucking great right now, let me tell you!