I wrote on gt more then once Steinman wrote this song for Celine Dion..I.was wrong it first appeared on the concept album by the group Pandora’s Box. If you think the Meatloaf video is bizarre that is nothing compared to the Pandora version. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/It%27s_Al… The song was inspired by Wuthering Heights.

Here is the Pandora Box kinda batpoop crazy. Wonderful voice though.

It was then done by Celine Dion. Her version. She did it as a solo.

Finally Meatloaf finally got his hands on the song and felt it should be a duet and he did it with Marion Raven. Here it this version via a concert.

The wiki link above describes in detail the song and its history. I personally love Meatloafs version the best. I still love Celine’s version but Meatloaf is.correct this should be a duet.

Sorry for the bad info before.