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My mixed feelings about "Tell-All" biographies

Awhile I go I read a list based on the revelations in Full Service, the tell-all memoir by Scotty Bowers, a former male escort who worked during the golden age of Hollywood. the majority of his book is Bowers' recollections of the various people he slept with or helped meet other people to sleep with. A lot of this amounts to outing queer stars, some of whom have been the subject of rumors for decades (Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, Vincent Price), others which suprised me (Spencer Tracy). What they all have in common is that they're dead and can't speak for themselves

As a queer person, I find all this interesting, but at the same time troubling. While I think you could argue that many of these stars might, if alive today, choose to come out of the closeet, it's very lurid to reveal these very private details after their deaths.


As well, there seems to be a flattening of these stars' sexualities into a recognizable binary. A bisexual persoal history becomes "he or she was *reallly* gay."

And yet I find myself attracted to books like this. What do you rhink?

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