I'll be talking about something, and in the middle of our conversation, instead of focusing on what I'm talking about, she'll mention something that she notices about my face. For instance, yesterday I was talking about something to her and finished talking, expecting her to respond to it (I think I was complaining about something). Instead, she's like, "I have a question. Why do you still have a mark from your nose piercing?" ARE YOU SERIOUS?! That's your completely off-topic response? It's so rage-inducing! Or she'll point out something about how I need to groom my brows or how good they look that day. Or will say something about how clear or not clear my skin looks that day. Or some other dumb shit.

It's so aggravating! I'm talking to you, expecting us to have a fucking conversation about something, and you'll zone out and bring up something completely unrelated that has to do with my appearance? Lovely!

I love my mom, don't get me wrong. She doesn't always do this, but when she does, I just want to explode.