My mom has always been pretty crafty. She's made pillows and quilts, taken up rug hooking, and now that she has her first grandchild she's been going crazy making ALL OF THE THINGS for Peep.

This is a "lovey" which is what my cousin and I called our blankets as toddlers. It's got a nice satiny border to rub against her face. Also my mom mad her a bath toy! It's made out of sponges and washcloth. It's adorable.

A matching quilt and pillow. Peep loves the pillow because the fabric has different textures. The quilt also has her name and birthdate embroidered into it (which I've hidden under the pillow). It's beautiful.


Another quilt and pillow set and a stuffed owl my mom made. If you're wondering about all the owls, Peep's nursery was owl themed.

I have a few more things to show off but I'll save it for another day.