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My mom, rehab and Alzheimer's. :(

Well. This week is everything wrapped up in nothing but bad.

My mom elected to enter a treatment facility a week and a half ago when she realized she couldn't live her life addicted to hydrocodone (and something else I forget), which she has used for years (YEARS) to manage restless leg syndrome (RLS). She was on Lunesta as well, and on top of that she'd gone suddenly from having a glass of wine or three with my stepdad to finishing off random bottles of wine or booze when he was asleep. How's that for a cocktail that can kill you? Pretty surprising she's alive.

Anyway, my stepdad's previous wife had Alzheimer's, through which he was her primary caregiver through the end of her life. Not long ago, he started to become concerned about my mom's memory, which wasn't really the best to start, and I think we all kind of thought "how could you tell through the crazypants drinking and pills?"


Well, she was in intake at rehab for a week, moved over to general treatment, but has been moved back to intake because they're very concerned about her memory loss, which is ramped up to about an 8 now. She forgets how to get around the facility, she's accusing my stepdad of not having come to see her, when he was just there on Sunday, etc.

They're talking about doing an MRI to see if her brain is shrinking, which apparently happens with Alzheimer's.

I'm devastated. She went from taking such a tremendously positive, difficult step in her life, only to be facing this, without us with her. I'm sick.

I'm still hoping it's just withdrawal from years of this insane mix of drugs but.. starting to fear there's more to it than that. By all accounts, she shouldn't be back in intake, period. :( :(

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