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Welcome To The Bitchery

My Mom's Revenge on Anti-Abortion Protesters

My mom visited me this weekend and reminded me why she's fucking amazing.

She works in a building that's near the town Planned Parenthood clinic. Usually there's only a handful of old dudes holding signs but on Fridays they bring in a van with the dead baby posters plastered on it.


She told me today that for the last six months, whenever the protesters piss her the fuck off to the point that she wants to scream at them, she approaches them. She takes all the cash out of her wallet (usually $80 or so), waves it in front of the protesters and announces that because they are out there harassing women over a legal procedure she's going up to the second floor to donate the money to PP.

I literally clapped when she told me. Apparently it averages out to her donating once a month or so and the old guys are just getting angrier and angrier. My mom is a badass. I think I'm going to copy her idea.

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