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My mom's surgery is next week

It has been a stressful week, but we finally have some resolution.

My parents met with the neurosurgeon at the other hospital, out-of-town, today. The meeting went really really well, and my parents feel very confident about this doctor and this hospital. Their cancer wing is just as advanced as the one in our hometown, with the same brand-new technology that not all hospitals have yet. This neurosurgeon isn't even positive her tumor is Grade 4. He said he won't know until he actually removes it and tests it if it's 3 or 4.


So now her pre-op is next Tuesday, with a special sort of MRI Wednesday morning, followed by her surgery. She'll probably be allowed home Saturday or Sunday.

Obviously we're all thrilled that this is finally settled, but it's still difficult with all the different schedules. I already telecommute for my job, so I can stay indefinitely. But my husband only had four days approved to be off this week, so he already has a flight back Sunday to our midwestern home. My aunt is trying to fly back to Colorado tomorrow and trying to return Tuesday, just because she also has some other family issues to take care of (and my uncle misses her). My twin brother and FSIL live just a few hours away, in a bordering state, so they're going home tomorrow and working almost every day until next Wednesday. My FSIL is an L&D nurse on the night shift, and my twin brother works in retail, so they've been able to switch their shifts around, but they do need to actually work and get paid. My younger brother just graduated college a few weeks ago, so he's living at home until this all clears up, before he moves out to Colorado.

All the kids, my FSIL, and a few of my mom's closest friends will be there Wednesday. It's just going to be hard not having my husband with me. I know we used to go months without seeing each other, but we haven't spent more than a few nights apart since February, when we moved in together. And he's been such a source of comfort for me. Each of us is trying to be strong for my mom, but we also all need our private moments to break down. All of my comfort and emotional energy is being given to my mom, and I'm just worried about being able to recharge once he's left.

This has turned into a rambling mess. Please just continue to send prayers and happy thoughts to my mom and family.

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