Fuck. This. Kid. Morning rant of rage, you've been warned.

First, driving drunk is NEVER OK. I said it. I have never, in my life, even after one drink, gotten behind the wheel of a car. I refuse rides from friends who are clearly drunk. I take away their keys and call us a cab. I don't care about the cost, because my life-and theirs-is more valuable to me than death or serious injury. But that didn't really stop my family, the hypocrites.

My parents, who are in the legal profession, taught me at six that I should never drive drunk. Even though I didn't really know what "drunk" was, unless you count the numerous times my mom gets intoxicated and begins telling embarrassing stories about us and pulled my skirt up in third grade in front of the neighbors. Or my dad after he drank all of that tequila. . "Oh, well, we're adults so it's ok." No, no it's not. Especially when you have cases all the time about people who are injured horrifically or dead because of being hit by a drunk driver. Or how one of your best friends is in a wheelchair because he was run down by a drunk driver-a driver who was never convicted. When my brother and I were old enough to drive, we took turns getting them home, while they slurred everything from the back seat.

I don't really have the best relationship with my mom, but she hammered into me how bad drunk driving was. How it hurts people and damages families. However, when I told her the story about Ethan Couch, she said this:

I don't really care. I have too much to think about. And you're annoying me. Since when did you get all high and mighty? And you shouldn't be drinking in the first place. (After I told her I never drive drunk).

Click. Line goes dead.

Seriously, I'm in rage mode at her. As y'all may know, I am trying to distance myself from her and shouldn't have any expectations, but I wanted her to at least acknowledge the story, and let me finish telling it to her.


Dad, on the other hand:

You are so mature to have known this your whole life. I am so sorry for all those times I put you and your brother in danger. But I am very proud of you for committing to your principles, and to hear that you are ok. The case is so fucked up, and I am so proud that you recognize that. Have a great day, sweetie. I love you so much.

I still have friends who say "It's ok, I've been driving drunk since I was 16, so I'm a pro." Even after I offer cab money out of my own pocket. Or invite them to sleep over.


I can't control people. I know that. I don't want to come off as 'holier than thou' in any way. I just wanted to get this out. In Texas, right now, four families have lost those they loved dear. And in Texas, right now, a fucking entitled fuck is claiming that he's too wealthy to know right from wrong.

I had to get this out. Thanks for listening. Drunk driving is a preventable crime. Please don't do it.