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My morning vent TW terrible racism from in laws

Sometimes I can't believe the racism that rolls out of my in laws.

I talked about husband wanting to move to [neighborhood name in Chicago] and how I objected to the idea of being surrounded by people in 600 grand homes cause I don't want my kids to be the poor kid on the block. I mentioned how friend's cousin is in [expensive Chicago neighborhood] and deals with that with her son and it is kind of difficult. Not that I don't want my kids have friends of different income but I don't want my kids to be the outlier.

Anywho. In-laws then start tearing down Lakeview and how people are able to move there because the blacks.


OMG! I almost bit my tongue in half. This is friend's cousin who has the black boyfriend and the son is black. I was delirious trying to think of something to say but I was worried what I would actually say if I opened my mouth. I really didn't hear much other than "the blacks" and something about "the Jews" that use to be there.

I'm still kind of frothing at the mouth. If anyone can give me a good reply please do. I was in shock when they said it because they are usually pretty respectful of the fact that I'm not racist.

Normally I'm good with a quick reply about comments like when one of them brought up the concern that our future kids would have black friends and I said "I don't see the problem with that." or when they were concerned that our kids would learn Spanish because the neighborhood we mentioned looking in and I said "Great. Then my kid will be bilingual."

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