nothip made a comment about the temptation to live tweet other people's horrible first dates, I said I've been tempted to tweet some of my own, and so our favorite favorite paperclip suggested I at the least make a post about it. So here ya'll go. I dunno it it makes it better or worse, but all of these were setups. Sadly not even 'cause I'm Orthodox-mostly just 'cause nobody asks me out. Seriously, the only guy who ever did promptly forgot...and then ended up dating my former roommate (while we were living together) about a year later. So, some of my favorites:

Guerrilla Date

This was a not date kinda date? Someone had wanted to set up this dude and I and he was turned down on my behalf. I later meet him when I'm at this family for the holidays and we talk and it's not terrible. So instead of doing anything normal, after the meal we somehow end up sitting across from each other a dining room table in front of a room full of people and do the full on interview date. I have no idea why I didn't walk after about 10 minutes of this, but well I wasn't all that receptive when he then asked if I wanted to go for a add to the awesomeness of it all, I had never actually been on a date at that point.

Laptops Are Totally Appropriate Accessories

On my very first real date, I was a total piece of work. I was buried under work and there was a big meeting in the morning or something and about a zillion other things. So I showed up late, and then pulled out my laptop to start a run-thankfully this was a coffeeshop-and worked for about a half hour or so, while this poor guy just sat there watching. Not one of my prouder moments, though we did end up going out a couple of more times.


Say What?

My most recent first date started out on the very fabulous high note of "how does this PhD thing fit in with being a mommy?" His face dropped a little when I mentioned how my advisers like the flexibility, dropped a little more when I mentioned how they work late some nights (but get to take some days off) and dropped just a bit more as I kept talking about hey the shared responsibility with their spouses. He then asked me if I was going to get my professional engineering license, and wouldn't drop it despite my telling him that I'll likely never be an engineer, or at least the sort that needs the license. The evening did end on a high note though; when we were talking about where I teach, he switched over to Russian just to ask me "So, are a lot of your students black?"


Honorable Mention: Boundary Issues

This dude was okay on the first date-nothing to write home about but not bad. The second date though is where he got uh creepy. The girl setting us up accidentally gave him my story645 email and he tried to link up with me all over social media-which nope, nope, nope. At the start of the date, he forgets I'm a foot shorter than him and ends up rather displeased when I stop walking instead of running to keep up with him. (Dudes, stop doing this, seriously). I then end up subjected to this dude lecturing me on my finances and investments and the like. Apparently he didn't appreciate my lack of enthusiasm towards him, because alas he didn't ask for another date. I later found out he'd stalked my former roommate on Facebook for a while-so bullet dodged?


So what are some of your favorite first dates?

(image via xkcd)