My husband and I won some costume contests this year, which was super exciting! We’ve never won before! The biggest one is still outstanding, they took pictures of everyone who showed up between 5 and 9 and will post them on Facebook at some point and let people vote.

We have a tendency to dress as people who are not recognizable to 90% of the people we encounter. But usually at least a couple of people get it and seem genuinely excited.

This year we were still not the most mainstream characters, but were at least more obviously in costumes than in the past like when we were Fred and Wesley from Angel.

I decided a few months ago I wanted to be Squirrel Girl, partly because she’s my favorite and partly because I actually happened to already own a dress that looks a lot like the top part of one of her outfits (she has two outfits that she regularly wears to fight crime, though most people cosplay as her other outfit).

My husband wasn’t super on board at first because he couldn’t think who he would want to be to go with my costume and I was like 1) we don’t HAVE to match even though it’s more fun when we do and 2) because of the graphic novel “Squirrel Girl Beats Up The Marvel Universe” you could be literally any Marvel character. But I suggested that Brain Drain would be a particularly cool costume if he could pull it off and then he got excited.

For those not familiar with Squirrel Girl, she is awesome because she is strong enough to beat up the whole Marvel universe but usually wins the day with the powers of friendship and empathy, sometimes even becoming friends with the villains. Brain Drain is just such a case, as she is able to reprogram him removing all the Hydra crap and he ends up joining her college classes and fighting crime with her. At first we thought being Brain Drain as a hero would be awesome but it didn’t seem feasible to build a costume that would fully hide my husband’s actual head in a spandex suit. So he made his villain costume instead which had a big jacket he could hide under.


I was frustrated that he didn’t start working on his costume until what I thought was pretty late, but he totally pulled it off and we looked awesome and he in particular got us a lot of attention and “you should totally win the costume contest!” comments.

He won a contest on Saturday afternoon, but there was only one other adult competing! Then on Saturday night we both won at the Heroes and Villains contest at a local bar. It was all very exciting.


I was not happy when a very old bra I hardly ever wore apparently exploded mid day on Saturday and left a big stain on my costume but after three washes I got it mostly out and I don’t think anyone but me can tell there’s anything there now. It’s super obvious in the picture posted on the bar’s facebook page but I photoshopped it out for my own picture lol.

I’m particularly pleased with the sign I made which was a last-minute idea that I think made my costume exponentially better. On Monday I added a sign to the back that says “Dang it, Hydra!”


My husband was a real sport who kept his costume on for most of the night, only coming out for a bit to eat some pretzels. We were at the bar so much longer than expected. They said on Facebook the contest would be “sometime after 10.” By 11:40 we still hadn’t heard anything so I asked the bartender if he knew when they were gonna have the contest and he said “honestly I don’t think they are, I think you’re just going to win” and I was like “awesome... but do you know what that might happen?” We are boring and tired and wanted to go to bed! They ended up announcing at like quarter to 1.

The highlight of the whole Halloween though was definitely when we showed up at our favorite place last night for their big contest and the owner saw us and immediately asked if he could take our picture to send to his friend Erica Henderson!!! Y’all she draws the very costumes we were wearing!!! That’s so awesome! Can I be her friend too? And then can I be friends with Ryan North???

These were definitely our most successful Halloween costumes and my favorite we’ve worn for sure.


If you made it to the end of this post that came out way longer than I originally intended, share a pic of your favorite costumes with me! I know Halloween is over but I’m not quite ready to let it go yet.