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Yesterday I posted this inane poll regarding the Oxford comma. Little did I know that almost everyone on the internet has a strong opinion about this.

I was interested to see what the GT consensus was, and based on my completely unscientific review of the results I’d say the majority of you love an Oxford comma because you think it adds clarity to your writing.

It’s worth noting that (again, based on my eye-balling of the comments) the second most popular stance was “I don’t give a shit about commas” (a valid life choice if I’ve ever heard one). I am in the minority with my comma-averse compatriots.


Also, at least one of you feels differently about the Oxford comma when you’re drunk. I can’t say I’ve ever thought about them drunk, due to the alcohol slowly melting my brain.

Thanks for playing everyone! It was fun to see the GT brains at work!

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