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Welcome To The Bitchery

My mother and email sigh

My mother has an email account. I do not use mine, I despise email. Anyways this is the second time this has happened.

A week ago.

Mom: I have a couple of receipts could you do the surveys so we can win.

We have NEVER won anything in ten plus years of doing this. So I did all three.


Mom: Yesterday a woman wrote asking about sex so I deleted it. Today I got one saying "do you want to get laid". I deleted it to. Be careful what sites you go to.


As if this is my fault. Sorry this email address only is for her friend and really why the email address was created for. Now she gave it to restaurants and surveys.

I told her not to do surveys. Still its easy enough to ignore them and clicking delete. Actually she has never done a survey, I have at her demand.


Actually why do store surveys end up with adult email? Is it third parties that do the surveys and that's the root of the problem?

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