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Scene one. Cops enter a warehouse where criminals are. Female cop corners two criminals then strange man wanders in.


My mother (mom): Who is he and why is she not stopping him?

Me: No clue.

Mom: She must be new. Why is her back now to the bad guys?

Me: Don't know.

Mom: She is three feet away from them with her back turned why aren't the grabbing her and the gun? The gun is not even pointed at them.

Me: Good point.

Other cops show up grab the bad guys and the wandering man stops a box from openning that would release a ghost and helps her disarm a nuke.


Scene two some guy is killed.

Scene three: Female cop gets an invite to the library and goes there.

Jane Curtin came on and we discussed where we saw her which wàs Kate and Allie among others.


Female cop offered job as body guard.

Mom: Who would hire a cop who turns her back on bad guys three feet away? Do you like this?


Do you like this is is code for "can we change this" about 95 percent of the time.


Did anyone stay with this series? They cancelled Longmire yet TNT got this show this show based on 15 minutes was jawdroppingly dumb.

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