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Well this morning we were watching the news amd it was about the Boston Bomber and she said "he should be hung by the balls until he dies". Very barbaric but she says that about men who cheat on their wives minus the last three words. This is a 0.5. I do not know if its online but a survivor wrote a riveting and fantastic letter, Carol Costello of CNN read it. It was after the letter was read she made that comment.

In the grocery store in line we saw this cover


she just.said."disgusting is there no respect any more for the presidency or anyone, how can people read this garbage."

Finally we were driving home andin front of us a person tossed out of the window a brown paper bag she said "that is the height of laziness".

I also got at the mall for $4.99 a Chinese meal it was 4 items for that price. I got lomein very dry, orange chicken which was tasty, red pork not bad, egg roll very good. This is food court Chinese food so I was not expecting much.

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