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My Mother Made An Interesting Comment About Latest School Shooter TW DV








This morning the news was using the line about before the shooting the shooter was described as “about to explode”.


My mother was triggered with a memory of her 1950s boyfriend who would say he was going to “blow his stack”. He had control problems which I will leave as that. Well I asked her wasn’t there a comic who said a similar thing then. She said she could not recall so I said this comic would threaten his wife to “shoot her to the moon”. She realized Jackie Gleason was the source.

It got me thinking about language. How threats of violence and in particular domestic violence was seen as funny.

Sixty odd years later we rightfully realize this language is not funny. Yet its amazing threatening domestic violence was ever funny and about to lose control was just an expression. I suspect her boyfriend thought he was being funny and serious. My mother is smarter today or wiser to kntow that’s a line you walk away from. She was a teen and product of Catholic School teaching that said “its the womans fault”.

Seriously pass on The Honeymooners I saw a few episodes in the late 80s on late night syndication its really awful with the dv as an underlying theme. I do not know if the wife on the show was ever hit. The threats were part of every episode.I saw which was at most 5 episodes. My late grandmother for an odd reason loved the show. Even though I am 100 percent positive if any man said that to her well he would be regreting real fast. It was in retrospect odd she liked the show. Of course its awful anyone liked the show all it mainly was was the couple fighting and him threatening to hit her so hard she lands on the moon.

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