We were at the mall. We were eating. I had a chinese food court meal of lo mein, bourbon chicken, orange chicken and an egg roll. She got ice cream from BK. A table next to us was a man circa 90 with a WWIi vets cap. He was with a woman about 70. Well after we ate my mother went up to him and said “thank you for your service and I had two uncles who fought in the Pacific”. I could see the poor man filling up with tears the woman said simply “thank you”. Usually I think its ok but why trigger memories for a man so old. I figure he is at least 88 if he was 18 in 1945.

Also where has time gone too? I recall when veterans were in their 40s during my childhood in the 70s. Now Vietnam Veterans are entering senior years and some in it. Well too many.

My mother thought she did the right thing. I saw a man with tears in his eyes probably recalling those days.

Actually should we thank veterans we do not know? Are we thanking them for ourselves to relieve some guilt of not facing what they faced? By thanking them do we really help them? Is thanking really just for many a trigger of memories? Or is assauging our nonpartication why we thank them? Not for all but I wonder if its part of it.

I do not know. Yes thank a veteran you deal with but a stranger? I am really conflicted on this. I just wonder if its for too many for ourselves not the veteran. Thoughts?