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My mother worries that I'm lonely

Well....... duh, MOM.*


I appreciate the concern, really, I do, but you're the person who told me that I needed to be careful and not show anyone IRL too much of what I'm going through or talk about my situation or share my feelings. You remember why? Oh, yes, it was because I wouldn't want anyone to find me too pathetic. Because leaving an emotionally abusive drug addict was a truly pathetic act (not her words. my overly sensitive implication).

And NOT sharing myself with others emotionally in a time of clear need is the PERFECT way to deepen friendships.

Now, if I could just convince myself that I don't think she's completely and utterly correct and that everyone thinks I'm a pitiful, sad sack, I might make some progress.


*Just so y'all know: when she told me that she was worried I might be lonely, I informed her that, YES, I AM FUCKING LONELY. But that I've been lonely for a very loooooooooooong time. And being lonely in a house on your own is completely different from being lonely in a house with someone who doesn't love you but just wants to own you. Very different, and worlds better.


So, hey, 5 points to Slytherin? (yes, I'm still going with Slytherin. Because a boy said so. I truly AM pathetic. *hangs head in shame as feminist card and badge are stripped from her*)

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