Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I love my mom, I really do. Geekboy and I live only 10 minutes away from my family and with my brothers still so young I like being close. She and I get along great, talk frequently, she feeds the cats when we're out drinking and staying over somewhere.

My mother texted me: "Well a Republican congress and a Democrat president isn't that checks and balances?" She didn't mean this nasty, she meant it earnestly. Thank God my father's a liberal social worker.


Ignoring my mother's interpretation of checks and balances, I'm thinking this might finally bring her over to the Dem. side officially. She voted for Obama twice but still says she's a Republican, she has also unironically said she's playing devil's advocate. I almost think she says she's Republican at this point just to annoy me and my father. I also think a lot of her conservatism is simply a lack of awareness, she's smart but not particularly educated about a lot of things. Most of the time when I take the time to explain things to her she realizes why a lot of Conservative social beliefs are fucked up.

There's also that streak of until it affects me I don't care. Again not full-on Libertarian just lack of awareness. How do you battle that?

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