I'll be the first to admit I haven't been super careful about my identity on Gawker Media. It started out as a locked-up, sealed-tight deal, and kind of ... you know. Life. I overshare. It's what I do.

I even accidentally posted my own name a few weeks ago, though I did edit it away an hour or so later. And a full third of you are my new twitter friends, which is under my real name.

It's not even that I care over-much. I think? I wouldn't be thrilled to explain some of what I've written to an employer or student, but the stories are all true and the sarcasm is something they'd notice eventually anyway.

The person who used it in the main-page article was a burner. Their other comment was a little aggressive, but not really troll-ish. I've just been dismissing replies like this one because they're beside the point I was trying to make. But it did use my name. My actual, real-life name.

Should I be upset? Or just a little more circumspect in the future? Or burn FluterDale for the forseeable future, get a new userID, and fight the not-grey battle once more. Somebody tell me what to think. I'm not even sure.