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My neck my back

I am in so much pain. Physio took down the numbness and burning in my mid-back. Deep tissue massage has allowed me to turn my head. Now what remains is the deepest, gnarliest shit ever and my jaw actually aches. I'm hoping to try acupuncture in the new year at some point but dude that shit is expensive so we'll see if it's possible.

But wait, there's more. My busted knee, which has been mostly better for a year has been getting worse and worse and today it is absolutely throbbing. I'm sure that today being the first cold day of the year (I think it was about 5C where we were today, which I know isn't even that cold, but it was dry as a bone out and I have a busted knee, I'm weak) didn't help. So I'm hobbling around like crazy.

All extremely weird and random gifs appreciated. Sigh.

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