Ugh, you guise I wasn't going to write about this because it felt like gossiping, but since thinking it over I decided I need some help. I'll try to not write a novel.

Let me set the scene. So, we have this neighbor. Let's call her Nancy. Nancy's an older lady, maybe around early 60's. She lives with her husband a couple of doors down from us in our apartment complex. She fights with her husband A LOT. I have heard them yell at each other a few times when out walking my dog. Up until recently I have only spoken with her and the hub in passing, just brief hello how are you, oh your dog's so sweet, blah blah blah. They moved in about a year or so after we did, and my hub has had a bit more in-depth conversation with them because he's a social butterfly and I'm an introvert with RBF.

Anyways, recently Nancy has been latching onto us when either of us is outside walking the dog, now that the weather's nice she spends more time outside. So she'll greet us, and what will appear to be a normal hello is really a trick to trap us! She doesn't have "normal" conversations, more like monologues and we are the captive audience. There is no room to get a word in, and she's all over the place. She told my husband her husband is a Wiccan Priest, apropos of nothing. (I don't have a problem with Wiccans, but lol wut) Also. She is a close talker, and very touchy-feely. I freeze up when strange people touch me. She's a compulsive hugger and hair toucher. Lady, I don't know you like that. O_O

Now, if she was just shooting the shit about regular stuff, of course it would be relatively easy for me to segue out of her monologue. But nooooooo, she releases the verbal Kraken. She has a lot of problems dating back to childhood and she wants me to know about ALL OF THEM. Really serious stuff. I feel really, really bad for her. But I am not equipped to handle all of that, I mean I don't even know this lady. After subjecting me to a good 1/2 hour of verbal diarrhea I was finally freed when my dad came out to see what happened to me. It left me exhausted with a backache.


So, I'm not a jerk, right? I was raised to respect my elders and to have empathy so I feel horrible for her. But how do I keep this from happening? We are avoiding her but I feel like this is really ridiculous. Should I move or should I just suck it up and start charging her a copay? What do therapists charge hourly?

Shit, it's a frickin' novel. Here's a kitty for your troubles.