My neighbors are sketchy and I am now really scared.

So, earlier this year, I posted about how I called the cops on my neighbors (who share a duplex with us). The guy next door beat his SO one night. I called the police to report what I was hearing. They haven't had loud fights since but I would do it again. I second-guessed that decision despite knowing I did the right thing but mainly I think because I worry about authority figures doubting me when I report something. I was sexually assaulted as a young person by a friend on school grounds and blamed for it. It was not properly reported. It has made me terrified to tell anything to anyone ever since. It's why I didn't report the physical and sexual abuse my ex did to me and why I didn't report illegal activity I should have in that relationship. I was terrified for my life and terrified no one would believe me. Moreover, when I first moved here, I went on a few dates with a guy who got downright verbally abusive with me one day, so I told him I didn't want to see him anymore. He then threatened via text to break down my door and kill me. The cops told me that wasn't enough for a restraining order or anything, really which makes me TERRIFIED to report these things.

Anyhow, we live in this quiet little stretch just outside the city limits. There is an elementary school and a nursery school within spitting distance of our house. We are near a goat farm. It is very idyllic for the most part. However, our neighbors are loud sometimes (not usually because of DM, thankfully that's only been once) but because the guy fixes cars in his drive/garage which is butting up next to our drive/garage and our bedroom. Aren't duplexes neat?! Likewise, this guy who lives down the street got high, punched out all the windows in his duplex and his neighbor's half, and got in and beat the crap out of his SO. The cops hauled him off but for nowhere near as long as need be because somehow he made bail. There was another altercation recently, he was hauled off again, and I have not seen her or the kids around in days, so I am really hoping she is out FOR GOOD. Anyhow, that guy and duplex neighbor (now DN) hang out as of late in DN's garage and, for the past week, have been fixing cars night and day.

At first, I really just thought they had some cars to fix because it's that time of year when cars do start to suffer from the cold and I know neither of them has money. So, I figured, I don't like these guys but not my business. Then, they started doing things ROUND THE CLOCK with a grinder, air compressor, you name it. We didn't sleep much at all in the past week. I said something a few times, these guys would apologize to me or my fiance but wouldn't really stop. DN hasn't ever been mean to me or rude. I just let it roll off my back because he seems like a bad person to piss off and we don't want trouble. Then cars start showing up in OUR drive and today I came home to find a strange vehicle parked in our drive having a grinder taken to it. I ask them to move it. They do but confrontation ensues.

DN tells me that it would be "best if you forget everything hat happened and just ignore it. Move on." And told me that the drive was anyone's when I wasn't home.

Okay, no that is not true also that's intimidation. I tell him nicely but firmly that it is OUR drive and we pay rent for it so that he can stay off of it and we will all be fine. He reasserts that I better just not make mention of this to anyone - my fiance, the landlord, the police and we will be okay.

I say nothing, go in, slam the door, and have a panic attack. I am TERRIFIED to go back outside alone. I'm terrified if I leave they will break into our house or steal our car or whatever. I call the police and they fob me off. Call the landlord who is not helpful except to say, "Yeah it's your drive, that's bullshit, call the cops again."


They moved the car and whisked it away so quickly that by the time I DO get a helpful call from a NICE sheriff, the car is long gone. He asked me a bunch of questions about the guy down the street whose name I now know by heart despite never meeting his acquaintance or exchanging words. I deliberately avoid that person, of course. Well, the sheriff informs me that they would love to have a reason to drive by here so if I see him parked in my drive again, that I should call him ASAP and let them deal with it. Again, not invalidating, hurray! But then I really begin to get freaked out. The police want to arrest this guy (again) and are actively looking to do so. They also stress I should not try to deal with him directly but to call the police, so they are afraid FOR MY SAFETY.

I stress that maybe they should notify our landlord and the sheriff tells me, "It's been done, ma'am. I bet they won't even ever evict him."

*head desk*

I'm so scared. I look up the guy's arrest history here, in KS, and in MI, where google turns up results for him. He's been arrested no less than 10 times for various things since we moved in this summer - in TWO states. He has recently been charged for theft of property and theft of a vehicle and his past arrest record for when he lived in Grand Rapids shows car theft all over. I feel like a dope. My fiance had to be right (he claimed they were doing something nefarious over there and it made him nervous). These people are likely stealing cars and chopping them up in OUR DRIVEWAY while we are at work. Just because I came home early today does not make it okay to use our drive at other times - and certainly not for illegal activities.


I can't break the lease and even if I could, we'd have to find another place to live that would let us lease for like 7 or 8 months because I will be done with school (technically) in May and will hopefully be moving to another state by then. Those leases simply don't exist here. Clearly, they won't evict even a felon who destroys their property, so that's not gonna happen. I would be fine if DN just didn't intimidate me or beat his SO or do illegal things. I wouldn't even really care about the illegal things (minus the DM because that's harm to a PERSON) if there wasn't a kid living with them and it wasn't directly impacting my life at this time.

I'm just terrified. I feel like now I won't sleep or eat. I'm going to have tremors again. I'm going to have breakdowns. I just can't with this.

Any suggestions or just general "you aren't crazy... that sounds legit nuts" would be appreciated.